Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My life in Mayan Empire

As i was laying in my one hut house i had to get up and get some water for my family.My mom had the fire going already for us.I had to help clean it too.My auntie had to clean the corn that been boiled and left to soak and soften overnight.Then she set to work at the grinning stone,pounding corn into meal.She patted the meal into tortillas or tomatoes and cooked them over the fire.During the days we have to care for the small children and for the families few animals.My father had to prepare for the wore.
Today i just turned 14 and i religion is to marry at 14 for the laddies.I really don't want to but i have to.I hope the match makers choose someone i would really like.Its gonna be a big day for me.The men i marry is usually like 20 years old.Well i guess i have to go get prepared for my reading so i have no time to hang with my friends.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Cyberbullying is dangerous to me because a lot of kids are commuting suicide.They are talking about be people on the internet and telling there business to every one.So kids could get tooken to jail and are fined.It could also ruin there lives by if there trying to get into college or apply for a job and they see that they wont get any were in life.Personally to me i think we need a put an end to it because a lot of kids are taking there lives away. We also should bring a end to it because what the people are saying about them could back track.People all over could see what they are saying and the person could be tiesed till there adults.Also the person might of lied on that person it could ruin there career.